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The Counseling Center Admissions Near Toms River

Whether you require help with a substance use disorder or your mental health, The Counseling Center At Toms River, NJ wants to get you started as quickly as possible to find the care you’re in need of. We’ve simplified our admissions procedure to make support more attainable and effective. Contact 732-605-6364 today to schedule your initial appointment, and review this Admissions page to find out what to anticipate from The Counseling Center admissions in Toms River.


Who Comes To The Counseling Center At Toms River, NJ

The Counseling Center admits teens age 14 and over and adults who are seeking outpatient addiction and mental health services. You may be accepted if you require help managing:

  • Alcohol use disorder
  • Drug use disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar disorder

We supply multiple levels of support, from periodic counseling or medication management appointments to our daily partial hospitalization program. Our substance use and mental health programs are outpatient and designed for individuals who are at a place where they can safely return home after their meetings. If you aren’t certain if The Counseling Center is the suitable facility for you, contact us at 732-605-6364, and we’ll help you find the support you require.

What You Should Anticipate During The Counseling Center Admissions Near Toms River

When you contact The Counseling Center At Toms River, NJ, we will arrange your preliminary visit as soon as possible. To best accommodate you, we offer meetings in person or as virtual telehealth calls. During this introductory appointment, you’ll take part in our admission process.

The admission procedure starts with a individual appraisal. This step will go on for no longer than two hours and delves into your mental health experiences. If you require drug or alcohol use treatment, we’ll address that as well. We’ll talk with you about what disorders or symptoms you struggle with, if you are on any habit-forming substances, and what treatment you’ve had previously. Everything we question you on will help us make or affirm a diagnosis and educate us on how to appropriately plan your care moving forward.

Everyone’s safety is without question our top priority. If you visit The Counseling Center in person, be prepared for us to inspect you for controlled or forbidden items, such as addictive drugs. We also need a urine drug test for addiction patients.

We Can Help With Payment And Insurance Concerns

Have a question about insurance policies and expenses before beginning treatment? Our friendly staff is happy to assist you. We are here to respond to questions and give you cost estimates during enrollment. We’ll gather your insurance info and get together with your insurance provider to get as much of your care paid for as possible. If you do not have adequate insurance coverage, we will explain your payment plan options or help you select a different facility.

The Counseling Center At Toms River, NJ welcomes most commercial insurance coverages. At present, we are unable to take Medicaid. Please contact 732-605-6364 to inquire about up-to-date Medicare policies.

How We Help You Establish Leave From Your Employer

Depending on the degree of care you need, you could spend a few hours each day at The Counseling Center. This rigorous schedule could interfere with your work schedule, but we can assist.

Our staff can guide you through the required documentation so that you can establish time off for substance use or mental health therapy. We are experienced with:

  • Doctor’s notes
  • Filing for short-term disability
  • Paperwork for FMLA
  • Communicating with your company’s HR staff or union rep
  • Working with your EAP
  • Court-required paperwork

We don’t want anything to prevent you from receiving the support you need. Contact us at 732-605-6364 anytime you have concerns or questions about establishing approved leave from your employment for treatment at The Counseling Center At Toms River, NJ.

Reach Out Now To Learn More About The Counseling Center Admissions Near Toms River

Have more questions about The Counseling Center’s admissions near Toms River? Dial 732-605-6364 or complete the following form for prompt guidance. We’re standing by for you now, so let us know how we may help you.