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DUI Evaluations Near Toms River

If you have just been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), it is imperative to understand the seriousness of the situation and the potential impact it may have on your life. A DUI assessment near Toms River -- sometimes called a drug or alcohol assessment -- defines the extent of your substance use challenges and evaluates the level of risk you present to yourself and others. This assessment is essential to the legal process and guides your next actions, such as detox, therapy, different levels of treatment, or education, with the end goal of avoiding additional instances in the future .

What You Can Expect During Your DUI Assessment At The Counseling Center At Toms River, NJ

The Counseling Center At Toms River, NJ provides expert DUI assessments near Toms River. We view these appraisals as just one phase toward getting your life moving in the right direction. You can expect considerate staff in an unbiased environment when you get here.

We keep DUI assessments straightforward. A skilled, licensed clinician will inquire about your drug and alcohol use and medical background so we are able to comprehend your experiences, patterns, and perspectives around substance use. Once we have your responses, we’ll ascertain if you are at risk for another DUI arrest and if you need further coursework or addiction therapy to prevent another occurrence. Our practitioners are experienced in identifying the disparity between drug and alcohol addiction and an isolated incident and will not advocate unnecessary therapy.

After your assessment, we’ll make a detailed report of our determinations to present to your probation officer or officers of the court. Our goal is to present complete and fair information for any individual seeking a DUI assessment near Toms River. We hope the results we provide will help you obtain the support you need to better your life. If you have any concerns or questions, phone us at 732-605-6364 for more information about how we conduct DUI evaluations.

Why Choose The Counseling Center For A DUI Evaluation?

You don’t have a say in the matter when the court requires you to undergo a DUI evaluation, but you may pick where the appraisal is done. The Counseling Center is an authorized accredited provider in New Jersey. We are conveniently located near Toms River and you can arrange your DUI evaluation in one quick call.

Our expert clinicians are experienced in performing accurate DUI assessments. They comprehend how vital this assessment is for your current legal situation and your future. They evaluate you in a thorough manner and make mindful, extensive notes and proposals to the court.

Our staff is also happy to answer any questions about the evaluation process or the charge for the service. If you are worried about the charge, notify us, and we’ll work with you to find a payment plan that makes sense for you.

If your assessment advises you to obtain help for a substance use disorder, we are here for you. The Counseling Center provides expert treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our mental health services provide various levels of support to accommodate different needs. We provide understanding, evidence-based medical and psychiatric therapy to help you fight substance use disorders and related mental health disorders. Regardless of whether you just visit us for your DUI evaluation near Toms River or come back for care, our aim is to help you reclaim control of your life.

Request A DUI Assessment At The Counseling Center At Toms River, NJ

If you or a person close to you need a court-ordered DUI assessment near Toms River or more information about overcoming alcohol or drug use, The Counseling Center is able to help. Dial 732-605-6364 or send the following form for immediate assistance. We respond 24 hours a day, all year long. We are ready to assist you.