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Medication-Assisted Treatment Near Toms River

Drug and alcohol treatment looks different for each individual. As part of our various treatment programs, The Counseling Center offers Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for Toms River area individuals. This effective approach helps some people deal with the symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal and suppress cravings that compel them to use again. Under the watchful eye of our skilled clinicians, you can get medication treatment to help you progress in your substance use recovery and fulfill your end goal of lasting sobriety.

How Does Medication-assisted Treatment Work?

Medication-assisted treatment uses FDA-authorized medications to alleviate the symptoms and urges of alcohol and drug addiction. We know that withdrawal effects and cravings are distressing and make it hard to deal with addiction.

We counteract those urges with medications such as Vivitrol and Suboxone. Our credentialed medical professionals will collaborate with you to figure out your correct medication and dosage level. As you undergo MAT in Toms River, we monitor how you do with the medication to make sure you suffer no detrimental side effects and you continue to receive the treatment on the proper timeline.

Medication-assisted treatment is most effective when incorporated with therapy, peer support, and healthy sober habits. The Counseling Center near Toms River is glad to give you this comprehensive degree of care. We combine medical and mental health care to attend to the “whole you” and fight alcohol and drug addiction from every angle to provide the best opportunity for recovery.

MAT With Suboxone And Vivitrol

The Counseling Center utilizes prescription medications such as Suboxone and Vivitrol to avert urges and relapse as you go through alcohol or drug use recovery. Here are some of the reasons why we trust these prescriptions for MAT near Toms River.

Important Information About Suboxone Treatment

  • Daily oral medication for opioid dependence
  • Obstructs brain receptors to stop cravings
  • Safe to utilize for longer periods of time under licensed Medical care
  • Limited risk of addiction

What To Know About Vivitrol Treatment

  • Once a month injection for addiction to opiates or alcohol
  • Inhibits the brain from experiencing the endorphin rush from drug or alcohol use
  • Safe for extended use under a doctor’s supervision
  • Not addictive forming

Why We Offer MAT In Toms River

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Offering Medication-assisted treatment near Toms River is one example of how The Counseling Center puts an emphasis on personalized care. For numerous patients, reducing addiction cravings provides an added boost in their recovery, and we want to help you find solutions that foster a life of sobriety.

MAT offers several possible virtues for substance use recovery:

  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms
  • Stops cravings
  • Helps circumvent a relapse or overdose
  • Gives you the chance to regain your focus on recovery
  • Supplies an increased likelihood of long-term recovery
  • Offers a treatment option that fits into your everyday life

Who Can Get Medication-assisted Treatment in Toms River?

As with all treatment at The Counseling Center, we work collaboratively with you to explore methods that meet your needs. If you are currently going to therapy, but the physical obstacles of drug or alcohol addiction continue to slow your progress, we may discuss your prospects for Medication-assisted treatment.

We’ll assess your present addiction status, psychological and physical condition, and any underlying co-occurring disorders. MAT is appropriate for people who

  • Are medically stable
  • Suffer from opioid or alcohol use
  • Still struggle with severe cravings
  • Are open to addiction therapy

If you qualify, we’ll speak about your MAT goals and include that form of support into your individual plan.

Help Is Available Now For Drug Or Alcohol Use Disorders

Interested in getting medication-assisted treatment and mental health support during addiction recovery? The Counseling Center Toms River can help right now. Call 732-605-6364 or submit the form below, and we will reply in a prompt manner, 24/7.