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How To Know If Your Antidepressant Is Not Working Near Toms River

June 07, 2024

Taking an antidepressant is usually a necessary aspect of treatment if you struggle with a depression disorder. Antidepressants may improve symptoms of depression and allow you to live just as you want. But what if you still have distressing depression symptoms despite taking the medicine?

Unfortunately, determining the best antidepressant can take time. Not every antidepressant works for every patient. But you don’t need to throw in the towel on beating depression if your medicine hasn’t worked. Here’s how you can tell if your antidepressant is not working anymore near Toms River and some new alternatives that might benefit you.

Signs That Your Antidepressant Isn’t Working As Prescribed

You understand it might take a bit of time for an antidepressant to improve your symptoms, and you might still endure occasional off days. But, you might be taking your medication per instructions, and your symptoms of depression could be just as severe. Is the prescription not helping, or do you simply have too lofty of expectations?

To help you determine if you should give thought to changing medications, check out these signs that your antidepressant is not working anymore near Toms River.

Your Depression Hasn’t Changed Enough Or You’ve Experienced No Difference

Your medical provider likely cautioned you that it might take awhile before you experience the effectiveness of antidepressants. You also have to take your antidepressant as ordered. But if you have found little to no improvement in symptoms after several months of using your medicine, it probably isn’t going to work for you.

You Experience Too Many Troubling Side Effects

It isn’t unusual to have some side effects from antidepressants. Some may be tolerable or let up after your medical professional modifies your medicine. But if your medication side effects are disrupting your life or making you despondent, your antidepressant isn’t right for you. After all, it’s supposed to make your life better!

Your Medication Wore Off Too Quickly

Did you feel great when taking your antidepressant in the beginning, but that feeling quickly dissipated? Doctors think it’s feasible to experience a placebo effect when you begin an antidepressant. Generally, antidepressants take effect after a few weeks. If you felt different as soon as you began your medicine, it could have been from the hope that the medicine would help.

You may also have built up a tolerance for your antidepressant. If it worked well for a long time but abruptly stopped, you might require a different or bigger dose.

What You Should Do If Antidepressants Aren’t Working In Toms River

If you detect any of these signals that your antidepressants aren't working near Toms River, request an appointment with your doctor or psychiatrist right away. They can work with you to alter your prescription or dose. They may also suggest lifestyle adjustments and regular therapy in conjunction with medication.

What if you’ve tried numerous antidepressants without any luck? Treatment-resistant depression is a legitimate condition, and you deserve help. If you’ve attempted a minimum of three distinct antidepressants without a positive change in your condition, talk to your medical professional about the new medications available for treatment-resistant depression and if you might be a possible candidate.

Antidepressants Not Working Near Toms River? The Counseling Center Can Help

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